jquery.matchHeight.js screenshot

matchHeight makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal.

It handles many common edge cases that cause similar plugins to fail.

Visit jquery.matchHeight.js on GitHub.


See the jquery.matchHeight.js demo.


  • match the heights of elements anywhere on the page
  • row aware, handles floating elements
  • responsive, automatically updates on window resize (can be throttled for performance)
  • handles mixed padding, margin, border values (even if every element has them different)
  • handles images and other media (updates automatically after loading)
  • handles hidden or none-visible elements (e.g. those inside tab controls)
  • accounts for box-sizing
  • data attributes API
  • can be removed when needed
  • maintain scroll position correctly
  • callback events
  • tested in IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Chrome Android


Visit jquery.matchHeight.js on GitHub for download, installation and usage documentation.


jquery.matchHeight.js is licensed under The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2014 liabru

This license is also supplied with the release and source code.
As stated in the license, absolutely no warranty is provided.